Odoo gives you the tools to make better decisions through its comprehensive and fully customizable technology suite. Odoo integrates key business functions into a single system, automating information sharing between business units such as sales, accounting, and production.


Unified Business Systems – CRM, Sales, Purchasing, Project Management, Warehousing, Operations, Accounting and Human Resources all share data and work together via a modular approach. One set of data supports them all. There is only one answer – the correct one!
Modular – Implement just what you need, adding new modules without taking the system down. Users who are productive with one module will easily pick up the next one.
Ease of use – designed around a simple, easy to use interface; and workflows that can be learned quickly; users are productive quickly and have access to the information they need, when they need it.
Productivity – reducing duplication of work; and automating data movement inline with your own business processes; your company can realize improvements in efficiency, growth, process management, and profitability sooner than companies who manage independent systems.


Ursa Information Systems is the only Odoo Gold Partner in the United States. This credential is recognition for our own investments into the technology and a track record of being able to deliver what our clients want.

Our approach supports rapid implementation; maximum participation from you; and expert long-term support. We have designed our process to ensure that your investment is maximized and that you are well prepared for the future. Tailored documentation, onsite training and skills transfer workshops give you ownership in the technology.

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